The first token-native, community-centric shopping platform for flash-sales of
discounted first-class items.

A New Kind of Shopping Platform

The first token-native
flash-sales platform
Media bartering for
product supply
traditional payment solutions community centric media bartering physical stores crypto payments

We are the first ecommerce company to introduce a proprietary cryptocurrency - the BarterCoin

We are the first ecommerce company to introduce the usage of a proprietary cryptocurrency - the BarterCoin. Moreover, we are the only one to apply media bartering in addition to traditional partnerships with brands, for the supply of highly discounted first-class products and services.


Exclusive offers available only on Barter Plaza

The client chooses whether to pay with credit card or with Barter Coins in just a click.
Of course, the best deals will be reserved for those paying in BTH.

full retail price
barter plaza price
price with barter coin payment bth 1.180,00
full retail price
barter plaza price
price with barter coin payment bth 1.180,00
full retail price
barter plaza price
price with barter coin payment bth 1.180,00
full retail price
barter plaza price
price with barter coin payment bth 1.180,00

the first token-native flash sales platform
powered by media bartering


BarterPlaza is built around the idea of a token-based economy designed to benefit everyone involved in the ecosystem.

As shown in the figure, the mobile app is the building block of our business model where the management of BarterPlaza’s digital wallet occurs. Our omnichannel shopping experience is based on online ecommerce and brick-and-mortar outlet shops where payments in crypto are allowed.

Our business is powered by two main stakeholder groups. On one side there are brands, companies, and media bartering agencies that fuel our business with products and services to be offered on the platform. On the other side, there are the customers and token-holders who actively contribute to product selection through different community involvement activities like reviews, online chats, live tastes etc.


For Brands, BarterPlaza becomes an innovative platform where to showcase exclusive products to new market segments

Our integrated shopping experience becomes truly appealing to companies, especially as a new media platform and a gatekeeper to unexplored customer segments. Our omnichannel approach powered by data analytics is planned to meet the expectations of the new generation of consumers, allowing for a seamless experience around desktop, mobile, and physical stores


For Customers, BarterPlaza becomes the main point of reference when it comes to shopping online

For Customers, BarterPlaza becomes the main point of reference when it comes to shopping online. With exclusive discounts of up to 90% and the possibility to pay in cryptocurrency, we want to become a landmark for a large international community of customers. Our mobile app will act as a main touchpoint where customers will be able to send and receive BarterCoins, pay online and in our outlet shops, give feedback on products and services.

Supported By


Marcello Piras

co-founder &
business development

Media bartering expert and entrepreneur

Claudio Grassi

co-founder and
head of technology

ICT and FinTech entrepreneur


Q1 - 2018
Founding of Digital Shopping SA
Business Plan
BarterPlaza ecommerce platform analysis
H2 - 2019
Roadshow & Investor meetings
White Paper 2.0
Corporate website
Token sale 1st round
H2 - 2020
BarterPlaza platform evolution
Phase 2 - Outlet shops openings
H1 - 2019
White Paper 1.0
Connections with potential Business Partners
First agreements
H1 - 2020
2nd Round Token Sale
Roadshow & Investor meetings
Phase 1 - Outlet Shops Openings
ecommerce MVP


Opening the doors for external investments is anchored in the identity of the Barter Plaza’s project. Indeed, being a token-centric, community-based project, we want to involve a solid base of initial investors and early adopters. We look forward to attracting a group of like-minded crypto believers to serve as Barter Plaza’s ambassadors and disseminators of the first token-centric ecosystem applied to real, first-class physical products.

We are currently into our 1st round of funding. Please leave a message and we will get back to you.

NB. This project doesn’t include public Initial Coin Offering.

  • 1. Being part of the first-ever shopping platform based on token economy;
  • 2. Joining an experienced team of industry professionals with solid entrepreneurial track record;
  • 3. Entering a market with 23.3% yearly increase and total value of $2.84 trillion for 2018;
  • 4. Capitalizing not only on company growth, but also on the market capitalization of the token;

Token Generation

Token Distribution

  • Total supply4,000,000,000 BTH
  • Token Value1 BTH = 0.05 EUR
  • Hard Cap200.000.000 BTH (10.000.000 EUR)
  • Soft Cap40.000.000 BTH (2.000.000 EUR)

Special Incentive for our supporters

An additional 2% of Barter Plaza revenues in tokens will be rewarded ONLY to First Round Participants.

At the end of each year, the revenues in tokens will split proportionally to the percentage of tokens that any First Round Participant has bought. The resulting amounts of tokens will be sent to the ETH addresses used to send the initial amount of purchased tokens. Any investor may update the ETH address informing BarterPlaza before the reward process start.

$$Reward\% = {{{Token1stRound\over{1stRoundTokenSold}} * BPRevenue * 2\%}\over Token1stRound}$$


We founded Digital Shopping SA, a Swiss operating company enrolled with the Commercial Register of Canton Ticino, with the office in viale San Salvatore 10, 6900 Paradiso, Switzerland, registration number CHE – 473.758.359. You can contact us in the field below, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.